Black Sheath Dress Show Your True Form as Never Before

At first glance, you may think that a black sheath dress is the least of your needs because it looks particularly plain and boring.

Well, it’s actually one of the dresses that you should never be without.

That’s because pairing it with the right pumps, earrings, necklace or bag can turn the dress from bland to grand in an instant!

Getting Acquainted With a Sheath Dress

The neckline of a black sheath dress can vary tremendously and the hemline can be anywhere from the mid-calf to mid-thigh, but there’s one thing that remains the same: the waist, which is considered as the garment’s focal point, is always fitted.

Just like the sheath of the sword after which the dress is named, a black sheath dress is intended to hold close whatever it is encasing — in this case, your body.

Needless to say, it is specifically designed to be narrow.

Don’t be intimidated by a black sheath dress if you don’t have a slim figure.

If truth be told, it can be worn by a woman no matter her body type.

Especially if its color is black, it’s bound to make the wearer look slimmer.

Furthermore, there is a sheath dress design or style that perfectly goes well with every shape or form.

That’s one of the nicest things about a sheath dress: it’s so versatile.

It’s for this reason exactly why owning one, two or more is highly recommended for any woman who wants to look stylish each time.

Black sheath dress

Black Sheath Dress Show Your True Form

A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane

Would you believe that this modern-day dress has its roots in ancient history?

As a matter of fact, setting foot inside a museum will allow you to come across all kinds of Egyptian art depicting women wearing it!

If you have one in your closet, well, take pride in the fact that you own something so timeless.

You can think of the sheath dress as a phoenix that cyclically regenerates by rising from the ashes.

That’s because it goes out of style only to return with a vengeance!

For instance, it became really popular in the late 1800s courtesy of Queen Alexandra, or the Princess of Wales back then.

It went away only to make a splash once more in the early 1900s when American fashionistas stumbled upon it in Paris.

By the way, Paul Poiret, a French fashion designer is known as the creator of the modern sheath dress.

In the 1950s, the combining forces of Christian Dior and Vogue made the sheath dress the look of the modern American women.

And in the early 1960s, probably the most popular black sheath dress on the face of the planet showed up: a black Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Black sheath dress

Sleeveless Ribbed Black Sheath Sweater Dress with Funnel Neck

There’s a Black Sheath Dress for Everyone

So many women are intimidated by the sheath dress as they assume that because it comes with a narrow silhouette means that it’s meant to be worn only by those who are svelte.

If you’re one of those women who think of the dress that way, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to be slim just to be able to confidently wear one!

If you have a bulging tummy, go for a sheath dress with pleating at the waist to keep that paunch hidden from view.

Aside from a black sheath dress, something that comes with patterns can also work to your advantage.

No matter what you do, just stay away from a sheath dress that’s made of lightweight fabrics.

If you have curvaceous hips and thighs, something that creates volume or features interesting details up top is the right one for you.

Refrain from putting on a black sheath dress with wrist-length sleeves — they will take everyone’s attention towards your hips!

Black sheath dress

Black Sheath Dress

Got a straight figure?

Fret not because there are tons of sheath dresses out there that have curves integrated into them — they are those that have a fantastic shape to them even when on hangers.

As you can see, it’s just a matter of choosing the right design or cut for you to be able to pull off a black sheath dress.

It’s virtually impossible for you to run out of choices as there are so many brands and labels today that offer sheath dresses.

Some of the most popular ones include Avery G, Theory, Black Halo, Aqua Luxe, St. John and Boss.

Black Sheath Dress Show Your True Form as Never Before 1

Accessorizing is an Important Matter

With so many cuts, styles, colors, designs and fabrications to choose from, it doesn’t really come as a big surprise why a sheath dress can make a big splash no matter the time or day.

Pairing it with the right fashion accessories and even other garments allows you to personalize the dress according to your needs or the occasion.

For instance, you can instantly turn a black sheath dress into a chic office wear by putting on a fitted blazer, pair of simple stud earrings and corporate makeup.

Need to be at a cocktail party in a flash?

All you have to do is accessorize with a pair of black stilettos, pearl necklace and an elegant clutch bag.

Did you know that you can also wear sneakers and gigantic sun glasses with it to run some errands?

As you can see, you can turn a simple black dress into practically anything you want — all it takes is some ingenuity on your part to pull off that perfect look!

A sheath dress that’s black in color is so much easier to work with.

It’s for the fact that it is compatible with a wide array of fashion accessories.

What’s more, you can never go wrong with it no matter your skin tone, body shape and personality.

Black Sheath Dress Show Your True Form as Never Before 2

Shop Now for Your Black Sheath Dress

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We recommend owning a few different ones featuring various styles, colors as well as fabrications.

However, having just one black sheath dress is usually more than enough for you to be spotted showcasing your personality and sense of style in different ways!

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