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In Depth Tribute to Trendy Beachwear for Women 2019

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Beachwear for Women: When it comes to hitting the beach, many women dread the season of skin exposure.

Instead of dreading it, though, why not get in on the latest trends?

You’ll probably feel more chic, and you can probably find a trendy look that fits your comfort level.

It’s not all about swimwear – it’s about beach wear for women!

Here are some of the trends for beachwear in 2019.

1. Ruffles, Lace and Vintage

Sleeveless tops get a whole new look in 2019 – ruffles!

Around the neck, on the front, or part of the shirt itself, ruffles are the new look for going sleeveless.

Ruffles also adorn cover-ups this year, too, lending a playful addition to a traditional swimsuit cover.

Ruffles are showing on bikinis and swimsuits, edging top and bottom.

They can show up anywhere, which seems to be the point of the ruffles – you never know where they’re going to crop up.

They are nice distractions from the usual sleek lines of beach wear for women, which give a fun, casual look to the swimwear.

beachwear for women

Sleevless Solid Black Top

Lace is trendy this year, too.

It’s appearing on cover-ups and sheer shirts that make elegant covers for the beach.

Beachwear for Women Vintage Style is Cool Too

The high-waisted two-piece is back for 2019, as are “boy legged” swimsuits.

High-waisted bikini bottoms are not the “granny pants” you might have come to dread.

In cute patterns like gingham checks and flora’s, the higher waist looks tasteful and shapely this year.

Boy legs, which are basically very low-cut bottoms that go around the upper leg (rather than arching up over the hip); can be found on one-piece swimsuits in 2019.

Another vintage element employed by swimsuit designers this summer is the fuller cup on the top.

This style adds shape and curve to the swimsuit, and is the opposite of the minimal “string bikinis” of the recent past.

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Cover-up Sheer Wrap Sarong Maxi Beach Skirt Swimwear

Crochet Swimwear – Really

The crochet and knitting movement is on, and it’s entered the realm of swimwear.

The open-weave look of crochet actually creates a versatile piece – some crocheted bikini tops or monokinis (monokinis are one-piece swimsuits with cut-out sides) can be worn with pants, skirts, or shorts.

The ruffled look is sometimes combined with the crocheted material as well, adding a cute, whimsical flare to the swimsuit or bikini.

Crochet is also a fashionable and tasteful way to distract viewers from any flaws you want to hide.

You’ll see mostly white when it comes to crocheted swimwear, but black and even some pink is showing up as well.

In Depth Tribute to Trendy Beachwear for Women 2019 1

The Digital Age: Prints for Beachwear for Women

Swimwear has almost always come in printed varieties, but this year it has gone digital.

In modern, contrasting colors, digital prints are the spirit of the age.

Sometimes you’ll see vintage artwork printed on one and two-piece swimsuits; other times, digital prints mimic textures.

Digital prints also give swimwear a sporty look, even featuring zippers on the front of some styles.

In Depth Tribute to Trendy Beachwear for Women 2019 2

2. Rompers

Rompers are back, and so are jumpers.

These one-piece classics are great to wear on the beach.

There’s quite a variety of rompers available for 2019, such as ones with built-in belts or flouncy skirt-like shorts.

The colors are trending toward earth tones and blues this summer.

3. Handbags

In 2019, many fashion designers are aware of the financial pinch many are feeling.

So the accessories for beachwear are exceptional this year – accessories give you a new look for less.

Look for bright colors and funky shapes and patterns in handbags this year.

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Summer Casual Elastic Waist Tie Rompers

4. Strappy Sandals and Flip-Flops

The strappy look can cover a wide range of sandal styles.

You will find some very high, cork-heeled strapless this year, as well as flats.

Wedge heels are in for 2019, too, as are “gladiator sandals” with ankle-high straps.

And yes, flip-flops are back!

Invest in a few pairs and get into the colorful flip-flop trend this summer.

In Depth Tribute to Trendy Beachwear for Women 2019 3

5. Sundresses

Sundresses are classic beachwear for women.

You can go barefoot in a nice sundress as you walk along the beach, or pair it up with trendy sandals for going out.

This year, short or long sundresses are in, and so is floral print.

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Sun Dresses with Pockets

6. Sun Hats

Maybe it’s because we’re more aware of skin cancer these days – but whatever the reason, the sun hat is making a comeback in 2019.

In fact, the big, floppy variety is making an appearance as well, complete with chin ties and scarves.

It’s a great way to help keep the sun off your face and shoulders while you’re walking on the beach and the chin ties minimize the chance that your trendy hat will be blown off by Oceanside winds!

All these are the trendy beachwear for women to considered this summer and maybe nest summer too, since fashion truly is also a question of personal taste and style.

Always be Yourself by all means, this will impact more than any colorful piece of clothes that someone else’s is saying is what the go to fashion is.

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